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    I'm planning a trip from Michigan out to Idaho then down to the Grand Canyon then across to Arkansas (to grandma's house) then back up to Michigan. Does anybody have any suggestions for stops along the way aside from the majors like Mt Rushmore, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, etc..? I will have my wife and three girls with me so I'm trying to find things that might interest them along the way.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It will be helpful to know some more specifics of you and your plan. Specifically, how long do you have for this trip and what sorts of things do you and your family like to do How old are your kids, etc? There are places to stop along every interstate highway that can provide a fun break, but since every person and every roadtrip is different, without more details about what would appeal to you, we're kind of shooting in the dark.

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    I've got around 20 days for this trip. As for the kids they are 19, 12 and 7, so we are looking for a wide range of ideas. Mostly sightseeing photo ops and the like. I have a horse back trip planned in Idaho but the rest is as we go.

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