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    Default Georgia pitfalls? Chicago to Florida

    We are heading out from Chicago this weekend, destination Fort Lauderdale. Word is that Georgia is pretty miserable in terms of construction/traffic. Any suggestions on routes and the best roads from Chicago to Florida? If there are any other problem areas we should be aware of feel free to flag those as well!

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    My mapping program with the latest construction updates says the best way around Atlanta is 285 east to 675 back to 75. The west bypass and through downtown don't look too good.

    Any routing that bypasses Georgia altogether will take longer due to it being a lot more miles - but you are correct, there is considerable construction.

    I would take I-57/I-24/I-75/FL Turnpike - or I-75 all the way. If you don't want to pay tolls, take I-10 to I-295 to I-95. Your Ipass doesn't work in FL.

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    Default no problems

    I just drove back from Florida through Chicago last weekend and had very few construction delays. I didn't have any problems in Georgia, except for a small crash-caused delay approaching Atlanta. I drove straight through Atlanta on I-75 and didn't have any problems, but I was traveling around 9pm on a Friday night. The only real construction delay I recall was located about an hour south of Chicago on I-65 in Northern Indiana.

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