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    Hi everyone!! Im new here. I am in the early planning stages of my first LONG roadtrip with my fiance. We live in PA near Philly and we have driven to pittsburgh (6 hours) and Plymouth Mass.(7 hours) but we are planning a longer trip for the third week in june. I can give you all as many details as possible but id like LOTS of advice and suggestions. We have no idea where to start not even budget!!
    So far heres what we are thinking about:
    ~We will be traveling in a ford conversion van... one of the big ones with the fold down back seat and tv.
    ~We have 9 days
    ~We have no idea which direction we want to travel and where to haha.
    ~We are very easy going and laid minded. Mostly interested in a good time and having fun.
    ~We were THINKING about in order to save money sleeping every other night in a hotel and the other nights in the van.(thoughts?)
    Anything you can tell me is appreciated!! Thanks in advance!
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think the first thing you should do is simply figure out where it is that you want to go. There's no magic formula for this, and really, noone else can tell you where you should go. Look around, even pull out a map, and just start thinking of places that you'd like to go. With 9 days, you could quite comfortably visit almost anyplace in the eastern half of the US.

    Since your van could quite easily be treated like a small RV and there is room for you to sleep comfortably, you certainly could spend some nights inside to save money. I would still recommend parking for the night at a campsite where you'll have a safe place to park, a place to move around that is outside of the van, and restroom/shower facilities.

  3. Default Philadelphia to New Orleans!!

    Hello!! My fiance and I have finally decided what we are going to do for our roadtrip. We have 10 days to drive from Philly to New orleans and back.
    I am super excited.
    We will have a conversion van with a fold down backseat and a tv and still plan to spend every other night in the van and the other nights in hotels UNTIL we get to N.O. then we are going to get a hotel. Does anyone have any suggestions on what route to take and what to stop and do along the way? or how long we should designate to driving there? We would like to stop along the way...we want to see as much as we can!!! Any ideas on a Budget? haha. ANY suggestions are welcome!!!! Thanks in advance
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