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    My sister and I are taking a month to travel from Pensacola, FL, to San Diego, CA. We would like some suggestions on what to see, where to go, and what do do on the way out there. We will be spending about a week on the road either way to allow us time to see the sights. We would like to party a little too if anyone has any great spots.
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    One place to consider along your route would be Austin, Texas a college/party town. Granted there won't be as many college students there in the Summer, but you should still be able to find many places catering to your whims.

    It may not be directly on your planned route, but have you considered the Grand Canyon?

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    On the road you could make many detours [time permitting] and a few natural wonders worth mentioning are Carlsbad caverns, White sands NP, Big Bend NP, Saguaro NP.

    As a slightly different route home you could detour to Las Vegas to party and as Tim suggested take in the Grand Canyon and travel part of route '66. The Petrified forest is on route and possibly visit some Northern New Mexico attractions.

    A direct route being around 2000 miles will be a comfortable 4 day journey so you have time to choose and enjoy places along the way.

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