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    I've browsed through this site awhile and appreciate the information moderators and guests provide to everyone. I am planning my first road trip and was trying to fit San Diego to Seattle in five days. I've read in another post that this is possible, but I am interested in what sights are most recommended and if I should add an additional day, if that would make a difference.

    Must-sees: Space Needle in Seattle; Astoria, OR; Golden Gate Bridge; Napa (is this possible?).

    Many thanks!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Some time ago, I gathered up a list of recommendations by one of our moderators who lives in the Pacific Northwest. It would still serve. Not as a 'best' or 'most recommended' since there are no such things, but rather as a resource to point you in directions of what's available and possible on a drive northward along the Pacific coast. Of course, on your way north from Los Angeles, don't overlook the Pacific Coast Highway, CA-1, either. Five days would give you sufficient time for a moderately paced, one-way drive from San Diego to Seattle. It is not enough time for a round trip, except to drive to Seattle on I-5, turn around and drive home. Each day that you can add at this point to your trip can be devoted entirely to sight-seeing, but I think you could easily enjoy a 5 day trip up, seeing the things you've listed, and a few more that you might cull from Judy's posts.


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