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    Default Key west or cali?

    Hey guys, im new to this place so id really appreciate the help, i was supposed to go on a cruise this summer but that kinda tanked, so i am taking this opportunity to do what ive always wanted to do, pack up all my stuff in the back of my truck and take a roadtrip! now, im smack in the middle of louisiana, oh boy right? im trying to make up my mind, i dont have much traveling under my belt, mainly around the south, between alabama and new mexico, my main goal is to spend time on a beach, what in your opinion is more of a desirable destination? hope to hear form yall!

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    Default beyond opinion

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There are a lot of factors that you need to think about to make this decision. How much time and money do you have available? Obviously, California is farther away, and thus takes more time and money. Even saying you want to stay on a beach actually can mean a lot of different things. Do you want to just sit and get a tan? Go swimming and play in the water? Surfing? Snorkeling? Saying what is more desireable really depends on the kind of trip you are looking for, as with many things you'll read on this forum, there really is no single best for any roadtrip question, just lots of different options.

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    Default Apples and oranges

    Hello NBullock,

    Even though I've spent part of every summer of my life on an Atlantic Coast beach and have only visited California a single time, I think I can point out some differences which might help you decide where to go.

    Mid-Atlantic and Gulf beaches are flatlands right up to the water. Mid-summer water temps will be in the mid-to upper 80s. Days and nights are like central Louisiana--hot and muggy. There are plenty of places with big crowds and plenty of places which are fairly isolated.

    Southern California beaches feature hills or mountains right up to the beach. Mid-summer water tempratures are cold--surfers and snorklers usually wear wetsuits all summer. Daytime temps will run from the upper 70s to 90 or so, and usually not terribly humid. It can get quite chilly at night, and there is often a thick, chilly morning fog (due to the cold water beside a warm land mass). Some of the beach communities have residents who are fairly territorial about non-locals surfing "their breaks". This can be disconcerting to visitors. The beach areas seemed fairly crowded when I was there, but I admittedly saw but little of the California coast during my one week on the West Coast. The Pacific Coast Highway is a great, great drive, and at certain designated places, camping alongside the road--essentially right on the beach, is allowed.

    Enjoy the planning and the trip!


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    Default Interesting synopsis, Foy!

    I think time is a major issue. If you only have a week, I'd stick to the eastern beaches. If you have two weeks, then you have time to enjoy California.

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