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    Hey rta forum readers,

    I found this cool site when I decided to do a search on tips to find folks to share road trip responsibilities. I'm a professional 33yo man in DC and after nearly 10 years in the nation's cap. It's time to take a break from the political ambiance and ready for a new and fresh start on the awesome west coast.

    I've made many long road trips in the past so as far as what to expect regarding that portion I'm quite prepared. I'm basically trying to find a more fun and frugal way to do this. I've gotten rid of my car, which evidently presents an obstacle to begin with, but not impossible to fix. What I'm not sure about is whether this method will prove beneficial in finding someone to make this trip with.

    I'm starting a little early as my departure will be in May or June 2009 so there's a bit of time to plan.

    I don't mind making the trip on my own, but seeing how I'm starting fresh with my new move I thought it would be cool to also take a little time to make a stop here and there to enjoy the trip. Point is this, I'm a workaholic and have been ready to leave it all behind for a more relaxed living for quite some time now so I won't be a huge hurry. Take a few days to a week to make the trip kinda situation.

    Hoping to find someone cool and easy going, stress free for this road trip. Another adventureous and cool type of guy who doesn't mind "roughing" it up a bit in cheaper hotels to save on costs would be ideal.

    Any tips are welcomed and greatly appreciated.

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