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    We want to take roughly 2-3 weeks and drive to the upper part of United States specifically to Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Yellowstone for a few days then back to Alabama. We have done part of the southern route but we interested in the northern part of the US. We will be driving a Tahoe along with camping gear to help with costs; we definitely want campgrounds with showers - two adults and one son aged 8.

    Any ideas from families who have taken similar route and time period(s).

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    While they did not travel with children, here's a report from a couple on their journey of discovery through South Dakota. Also in that area and on the way to Yellowstone are some other worthwhile stops such as Devil's Tower and the Little Bighorn National Battlefield. On the way up (or back), check out the St. Louis area as well as Nebraska. My personal preference when camping is to make use of the state park systems. Generally, I have pretty good luck just doing a web search on "StateName state park". Most states have web sites that will allow you to find parks (and their amenities) even if all you know is the rough area where you'd like to set up for the night. Oh, and also be sure to have a look at these hints for travelling with kids as well as these links to a number of other resources


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