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    Default Time needed for the Pacific Coast Highway

    Hi - my wife and I are planning to drive from San Diego to Seattle, probably starting on the 19th of July. How long do you think we should take over it? We originally thought three weeks. But now we're thinking about shortening it to two weeks to help the budget. Any reccomendations? We probably want to spend at least two days each in San Diego, LA, and San Francisco - does that leave enough time to visit the smaller areas in between?

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    Default sounds reasonable

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    Assuming this is a one way trip, I think you'll be fine with 2 weeks. I'd figure about a week to actually drive the length of the coast, and then you've got a little less than a week of stops in cities planned, so you should be able to do all of that, with a day or 2 of flexability still to spend more time at a particular location.

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