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  1. Default SF to Atlanta - 1st week of January

    I'm relocating to the Atlanta area and need to drive my vehicle (Toyota 4Runner) back. While we can do some sight-seeing it's really about driving back so I can get back to work. I'll have about 6 or 7 days to spend on the road.

    I have no clue what weather conditions to expect on I40 at this time of the year.

    Any comments & advice would be appreciated regarding road conditions, amount of hours to drive per day, places to stay.

    I've done many 10+ hour day drives and long weekend road trips but never cross-country. Three of us will share the driving.


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    You can hit bad weather anywhere along I 40 during Jan. The most likely places would be from just west of Flagstaff to Santa Rosa NM. But keep in mind you could run into it anywhere along that route. Ark and Tx can get bad if its snowing because it seems the state dot seems to have the attitude, God put it here, he can take it away. Oklahoma does a decent job keeping the roads clean and Tenn is so-so. I asume you will be taking 99 through the central valley so you shouldn't have too many problems there. 58 across Tehachapi pass can get a little dicey that time of year but usually isn't to bad. A 4Runner should handle just about anything your likely to run into, unless it comes the mother storm. If it gets bad just slow down. Good Luck..........

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