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  1. Default From atlanta to chicago

    Hello. THis is my first time writing something here, and i love every detail of this site.

    I am getting laid off from work this winter, and i wanted to take the liberty of taking a road trip for at least 3 weeks in the east coast. I would like to start in January from atlanta and visit at least 10 cities in the east cost..

    from atlanta
    to tennessee
    to indianapolis
    to chicago
    to detroit
    to cleveland
    to pittsburg
    to philly
    to atlantic city
    to DC
    and charlotte
    and finally back to atlanta.

    I know that this list seems impossible. IT would be a dream road trip. My big concern is the WEATHER. i am from california, we do get snow sometimes and it gets cold here. I know that January might be almost crazy to do this; unfortunatly this is the only time i have in hands. I have a budget of about 4k to 6k.

    HOw crazy of an idea is this? can anyone please enlighten me with more details? Is this doable?

    I would trully appreciate your time.

    Thank you so much.

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    Default Why not?

    Cal 28-

    You're going to be on the move pretty much every other day, but your moves are pretty short. Without taking any time to really scale it out, each one looks to be about a 1/2 to 2/3 of a day drive. The DC to Charlotte is probably the longest in miles and time, but that's pretty much open highway and is south of the normally expected "snow line".

    Yep, weather can be a factor anywhere along the way, especially from Indy all the way to DC. No way to guess what will happen this far ahead, so just make a plan but be ready to chop a city or two off of it if the weather gets too bad. You should have access to good forecasts via The Weather Channel or at all times, so keep an eye on the forecasts as you move about.

    Excepting blizzards, the worst the weather usually does back this way is to snarl traffic and slow you way, way down. You may have to lay over in one of your stops for a half-day to a day in order for weather to clear, but again, excepting strong storms' heavy snowfall, don't worry about it.

    Have fun!


  3. Default Hello FOY

    Thank you so much for all the great info.

    I will cut some cities if possible, and i'm very flexible to skip a city or two. Depending on the weather, since i'm from cali and never been on this side of the country, of all the cities listed below, which are a must-see?

    Thanks for your info once again.

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