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    Default Tahoe to Vegas Time for Photos??

    I've researched and trawled here for info on this particular route but thought I'd be specific in what info I require.

    On Wed Dec 17 I shall be leaving Harveys in South Lake Tahoe and heading for Vegas. My original plan was to stop overnight in the Best Western in Lone Pine, and heading through Death Valley at leisure on the Thursday.

    As well as a bit of gambling and beer drinking this trip is also a photography road trip. My original plan allowed for plenty of photo stops en route SLT to Lone Pine and Lone Pine to Vegas via DV during the 2 day drive.
    But now I'm beginning to have a change of heart (due to free hotel offers in LV). I could save a $75 overnight halt in a very mediocre Best Western and try and make the hit from SLT to LV in one go.

    The route I intend taking would be South Lake Tahoe, Mono Lake, Bishop, Stovepipe Wells, Death Valley and on to Vegas. Bearing in mind this is the start of Winter (though I'm renting a 4x4 Grand Cherokee) is this a feasible plan to make this trip and have quite a few photo stops. Especially at Mono lake, Whitney Portal and StovePipe Wells and maybe Artist Palette for near sundown. I want the best bits to be in daylight couldn't care less if the last boring 3 hours were in darkness.

    I intend heading out of SLT at First light (about 7am) and wouldn't be too bothered if I didn't hit Vegas until about 8pm.

    Driving experience: I have driven US roads many time, despite being a Brit, and I used to be a long distance MotorCoach Tour Driver for 14 years, so not adversed to a Loooong drive, provided I have a great car to drive (Which I hope the Jeep Grand Cherokee is)

    MTIA :)

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    Default Plan A for photography.

    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A forums.

    If you want more than a few "snaps" I would personally stick to plan A and take your time, it will be money well spent. Death valley is a fascinating place to photograph and there are so many opportunity's along the way. It's at least a 9 hour drive and with the shorter days you will feel rushed. You could spend a couple of hours around the shores at Mono lake quite easily.
    You can also get a good view of the lake by turning off at the gas station on the junction of 395 and 120 just south of Lee vining and the road goes up the hill to a car park which overlooks the lake.

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    That's about a 500 mile drive on roads that are not Interstate quality. In good weather with no stops, you are looking at about 9 hours. This is going to hamper your ability to stop every time you see something photoworthy, and you will miss out on a lot of things in Death Valley. Possible bad road conditions would slow you down even more. I have made this exact run before (but in May) in one day - it is very feasible to do it, but not if you want to stop and actually see and explore things.

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