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  1. Default Buddy(s) and I trying to figure out an '09 trip

    Hey all,

    First timer here and just wanted to get some help with the whole road trip deal. My buddy and I are deffinately going to be taking a trip the number of us will not be determined until later in the winter/spring, could range from 2-5. I would like some feedback on what you expereinced guys have done in terms of hittin the road. I am thinking we are starting from Jersey and just might head west and see what life throws at us. Maybe hit up Cali. and looking to spend anyhere between 2weeks to a month on the road depending on how jobs and such work out.

    Biggest question is what to do for a car. We will only be 21 and will be really difficult for rental car. Plus...I wanna modify the hell outta my stick and make it an ultimate road trip vehicle so again renting is probably out of the equation. Just wondering what type of Van you guys would suggest. I was looking at the Dodge Sprinter but that is a hefty fee to buy even used. We are also all broke college kids so cheap but workable is at the forefront of this decision. On a side note, has anyone ever tried to get their vehicle sponsored by companies, like redbull or something to make a lil cash on the side by giving gear/drink out and such on the journey into the unknown, we are trying to have one last horrah before real life starts to kick in and kill us and figure why not just drive wherever we feel like. I want to mod the van so that it can either fit more gear/people or a bed in the back for those nights when we don't camp out/have a place to do so, drunken nights passing out, or the lucky nights with some random chick who has no inhibitions haha.

    Any other information people can provide such as good stuff to bring along and friendly areas they've roamed around in while on the road would be greatly appreciated.

    If anyone from Jersey happens to come accross this thread let me know what you did for your trip, dying to do something crazy and this trip is beginning to sound like something i need to do.

    Thanks everyone,

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    Default cart or the horse

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    While I certainly understand that the vehicle can play a huge role in the planning and even enjoyment of a roadtrip, I think you are creating an obsticle so big, that you might not ever be able to overcome it.

    Since you are living in the US, and considering your age and the length of your proposed trip, then buying a car really will be your best option. But as part of this, you generally need to have something that is practical enough for the owner to continue using after the trip is done.

    Buying a full sized van isn't going to be cheap, and trying to make lots of modifications could cost even more. To me, that's a pretty huge investment for just a single monthlong trip, and it doesn't seem to match up very well with the idea of "poor college students."

    Of course, if you come up with the funds, you could always model your vehicle after the Phoenix One!

    Getting sponsorships for a leisure trip doesn't really happen. Think about it, if it was easy to get someone to pay for you to have a month of fun on the road, there would be no shortage of people wanting to jump on the "free money." There are promotional tours and work you can do to promote products that will take you across the country, but they are all work with very long hours and almost no chance to do any of the fun things that are probably driving you to the road.

    If you really want to make your trip happen, then I would focus less on grand plans to build a perfect vehicle and that sort of thing, and worry more about the practical issues that it would take to get your trip on the road. Think about what kind of vehicles that you already have or could reasonable attain that could be used for a trip, how much money you can realistically save and spend on this trip, and how much time you'll actually have, and where you'll actually go.

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    Default the trip itself, not the vehicle

    You mention two weeks to a couple months. Big difference.
    There is so much to see if you want to head all the way from Jersey to California. Two weeks there and back is basically just drive straight through. Two months, well, you could see a whole lot of amazing places.
    Start looking at your interests (do you want scenic national parks, camping, city life, night life, shopping, mountains, the coast??), and we can give you tons of info & help with planning your route.
    If taking 2 - 5 people, be sure you all have mutual ideas of what you want to see & do & accomplish on this trip. A road trip is an easy way to ruin friendships if you cannot get along.

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