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    Hi everyone
    I am planning a trip from LA to Denver in early Jan 2009. I was thinking 5 to 7 hours drive everyday, so I plan to go to Phoenix, Albuquerque, and then Denver. Is this route reasonable? I have never drive on snow or icy condition since most of my driving experiences are in California. Is this route less dangerous than the I70 cross the rookie mountain in winter?
    I will drive a 2000 Acura TL. What should I prepare before the trip? Thanks for any advice.


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    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A. forums,

    Anywhere can experience adverse weather conditions at this time of year which just cannot be forecasted this far in advance, so firstly you should check the weather conditions before travelling. Having said that the Interstates are a priority to keep salted and clear as thousands of people have to travel them each day so most likely if there was a severe storm you might be looking at a few hours delay at worst.
    Driving between 5-7 hours a day will put you in the 3 day bracket for the most direct route which is I-15 /I-70 at just over 1000 miles. To take the Southern route through Phoenix will add around 250 miles and another half a day, both are safe routes if you drive to the conditions and stop if need be.

    I will drive a 2000 Acura TL. What should I prepare before the trip?
    If it is regularly serviced and in good shape you should have little to do. Check the fluid levels [know that it has anti freeze] and make sure your tyres are in good shape with the right pressures [including the spare] and that you have a jack, wrench and some basic tools. If it hasn't had a service recently then change the fluids and filters, and get the belts and brakes checked as well.

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