I have a business trip to Denver in December & since it
was so close I decided to fly into Phoenix & drive to
Denver, leaving the 5th - taking in Sedona & everything
possible in between including the major sites - Grand
Canyon, Natural Bridges, Arches, you name it! Any
suggestions on type of car to rent, where to stay & for
how long, what to skip, etc.? My husband is going with me &
will fly home from Denver on the 10th. We like to hike but
nothing that will take more than an hour, unless its worth
it - we're not exactly fit, but we're no slobs either. I
looked it up, and it would take 9 hours as a crow flies (more,
I realize the way we may do it). I was told the weather is
not all that bad in early December. That's why I'm here -
I want to know ahead of time! We live near Atlanta, GA.
I have also considered flying in *somewhere else* and
doing a circuit, then flying on to Denver while hubby
goes home. Any ideas that route?