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    Hi guys,

    I drive a 99 Honda civic hatchback. It's a great little car, except that it does not have cruise control.

    I am thinking of having an after market cruise control installed for my car. Is it worth it? Can I do it myself? How much will it cost me? Has anyone else done this?


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    Default Not to me

    But it might be to you.

    Hi dinesh,

    I didn't know you could add it on [something I have not researched] so I have no idea how much it would cost or how difficult it would be to have fitted, but I have never been a fan of C/C. Not only can it cost more in fuel by trying to maintain it's set speed up hill rather than you "giving the hill" a few m.p.h to save fuel and be easier on the car, it makes me feel detached from driving.
    I also think that if you need to remove your foot from the throttle to stretch it out it is time to pull over and take a break [or even to do "the chicken dance" as recommended by Mark) ;-)

    But, the choice is yours.

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    Default A few hundred

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I haven't looked into this myself, but according this one article I found, it would cost about $500. It seems like a relatively simple process, but its not something I would try myself unless I was very mechanically inclined. Based on what I've seen for many other accessories like this, often times it doesn't cost too much more for installation. Plus, If it's installed, you also are in a better position to take it back if you have problems (since they can't blame it on the installation).

    Unlike Dave, I actually do like CC. My wife's car doesn't have it, and for that reason, I don't like using it for trips that take more than a couple hours. For 2 lane driving, where you are slowing down and stopping, or changing speeds more often then I don't mind, but on the freeway where you are pretty much maintaining the same speed (and thus foot position), my legs really start to feel it after a few hours on the road.

    If you do lots of distance driving, and you plan to keep the car for awhile, then I think it is certainly something worth looking into.

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    Haven't done it on anything as new as a 99, but I've installed several aftermarket cruise controls. If you are reasonably mechanically inclined, it's usually not too difficult. There were 2 types back when I did this - one used magnets strapped to the driveshaft with a sensor mounted on a bracket. With a front drive, you would have to find a way to strap the magnets on between one of the inboard CV joints and the transaxle, if that's possible. The other type used an ignition pickup, this is only suitable for a manual transmission vehicle but is a lot easier to install.

    I would think that on a 99, the best way would be to find one that is designed to integrate with the existing electronics. Electronic speed sensing is built into OBD2 computers.

    I won't own a vehicle without one. I have enough ankle problems without having to lock my foot on the accelerator for hours on end.

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    Default Dinesh The Traveller

    Hello again dinesh,

    A few years ago I installed an aftermarket speedometer calibration device on my son's 1998 Chevy pickup truck, which is, like your '99 Honda, equipped with the OBDII computer system.

    The installation was pretty simple: split open a big wire loom, locate a few key wires (which were marked exactly as the instructions said), splice the device's wires in to or replace with, as the case may be, insulate the connection, mount the "black box" where one pleases.

    Since the entire speedometer & odometer function was electronic, clearly all I did was to insert another small computer into the the system between the sensors at the wheels (or transmission, or flywheel, or driveshaft, as the case may be) and the gauge where speed and distance are displayed.

    It was pretty simple. At the end of the 2 hour chore, I had the ability to make the truck's speedometer read pretty much whatever I wanted it to read. Not that I would take unfair advantage of the traffic enforcement legal system with such a capability. "Man, I've never seen a speedometer off by this much" said the certified speedo calibration shop technician, as he looked at his machine's readouts a second and third time, while scratching his head.

    The device I installed has a stated purpose of correcting the speedometer for the error induced by installation of oversized tires, so its control was a simple + and - slotted screw head in the face of the "black box".

    I suspect you can obtain, from the manufacturer, online access to installation instructions for the device you're considering. I also suspect its installation will be rather like mine was. I do, however, tend to agree with MM as to the value of dealer installation where it can give you some recourse in terms of operational issues later on.

    Enjoy the cruise control Road Tripping!


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    I have a lot of experience with adding Cruise controls to Cars and RV's and replacing defunct RV cruise controls.
    The units I use are SCS-Frigette cruise controls.
    I get them From here
    These cruise controls are accurate and smooth.
    They are also priced right! $160 to $220 and that includes the handle. They have 5 or 6 to choose from on the handles.
    On the Speed signal, there is a VSS on all cars from 1990 or earlier on up. It could be at the transmission tailshaft, the ECM or the factory cruise plug. Anyway they send that information on where the VSS is when I order a cruise.
    On the RV's with out ECMs or electric speedometers etc. They have a Speedometer Speed signal device that is about $40 extra. If you have a screw-on speedometer cable at the trans, this is the ticket. It also works on two-piece speedometer cables too.
    They don't use Magnets, Magnets are for the Fridge door for the grandkids artwork.
    Give them a try, the y always answer my emails quick and ship real quick when I order.

    I hope this helps someone. I've lurked here a while and have been helped by many posters, I just got around to joining so I could help too.
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    Default Great for Speed Trap Areas

    I'm not a fan of cruise control for resting my feet, but I drive a lot in areas known for having speed traps. I set my cruise control a little below the speed limit when I'm going through these towns and give a little internal wave at the cops lined up along the roads. BTW - this little speed trap fest is starting to encompass most of Texas and is spilling over into Louisiana. I've seen more cops along I-20 the past two years than I have ever seen anywhere else.

    I can't help with the installation part, but even at $500 I think my cruise control has helped me to keep my lead foot from costing me at least that much.

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    hey guys! Just remembered this post and saw all these replies. Thanks so much!

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