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  1. Default From Border crossing Peace Arches to Virginia

    I am planning to travel to Virginia in mid December. I have already
    read some of the other post that people have put in, but my question
    is a little different. I will be travelling alone. in a very small car
    Toyota Corolla. with a little dog too.

    I want to come down from the Peace Arch crossing down into California
    then head across to Virginia. I have looked on the map for the best
    rout possibilities and thought that I-80 across Sierra mountains would
    be bad with snow, and also the great plains.

    Then I thought about cutting down from I-80 to I-70, What do you think
    of the rout? for all weather conditions?

    And what about I-40, I thought that would be the best because it would
    be through the hotter states.
    I am Canadian too, so what kind of insurance package would be best for
    me to have while travelling alone in US in winter? I can of course
    look into it here as well.

    I would appreciate any and all of your advice. Thank you very much.

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    Default very little hot

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The advice here is pretty much the standard for any cross country winter trip. Planning months in advance to avoid the weather is kind of pointless, since winter weather can affect any cross country route. I-40 sees a fair amount of snow, and even I-10 can see snow or serious ice storms. The best bet is usually just to plan to take the shortest route, which puts you on the road for the least amount of time. In this case, that would actually be I-90 across Washington and Montana. From there you can watch the forecast, and change your route if there is actually some bad weather in the forecast in the days before you leave.

    A car like a Corrolla is perfectly capable of making a cross country trip in winter, and any insurance you have in Canada should be valid in the US.

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