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  1. Default Newbie info on our SF to LV roadtrip!


    We're flying into San Francisco on 30th March next year and are travelling via Napa, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Death Valley and Grand Canyon before spending our last couple of days in Las Vegas.

    Many thanks to everyone for the great information we've found on this website, which has enabled us to plan our journey (we hope!!)

    The queries we have are -

    1) due to the fact that it appears there may still be a lot of snow around Yosemite and Lake Tahoe, should we be hiring a SUV or would we get away with a convertible?

    2) can anyone recommend a good car hire company who does one way rental from SF to LV?


    3) what is the weather normally like in SF, Death Valley and LV at the beginning of April (female question as to what clothes to pack - assume it will be a bit different to our weather here in Scotland at that time of year!!!)

    Thanks again everyone.

    Kind regards, Neil & Lynne McDonald

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    Default Spring in the Southwest

    Ceud měle fŕilte! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    OK - Just in case you haven't seen it in your wanderings around the site, make sure you read through these discussions of trips in that general area. As for your specific questions...

    1) The only snow that matters is what's on the road. Typically roads will either be open and clear (most of them) or totally closed (e.g. CA-120 over Tioga Pass between Yosemite and Death Valley). If you haven't driven in snow before, an SUV probably won't help you that much even in snowy weather. You're probably much better off getting a car you're comfortable in and with, and just not trying to force yourself through bad weather.

    2) Almost any of the 10 to 12 major car hire companies will offer you a one-way rental with unlimited miles between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I'd suggest that you use one of the many travel search engines to find which one offers the best rate. Just be sure to include all the costs including the one-way drop-off charge and any insurance you may require or want.

    3) This site offers a good overview of past averages, highs, lows, and precipitation. Just enter a city name and hit the Search button, then scroll down and hit the Averages button.


  3. Default What to pack?!!!


    My husband and I are embarking on our first Big USA Road Trip on 30th March - flying from UK to San Francisco, staying a few days, up to Napa for a night, Lake Tahoe for a night, Yosemite for 2 nights, down through Death Valley staying wherever (not booked anything yet - should we....?) to Grand Canyon for a night, before ending up in Las Vegas.

    I'm assuming the weather will be rather varied, so I'm unsure what to pack - does anyone have any ideas?! Are the dress codes in the places we're visiting laid back, or dressy affairs?! Apparently Las Vegas will be 25deg C but Lake Tahoe will be cold and snowy! With only 20Kilos each for the flights within the UK, we're rather limited. Jeans and t's?

    Any advise gratefully received!

    Cheers Lynne and Neil
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    Default Could be warmer in Las Vegas!

    Quote Originally Posted by bluebob View Post
    Are the dress codes in the places we're visiting laid back, or dressy affairs?!
    You are on holiday -- so it really depends one what you are seeking -- but generally, dress codes are not much of an issue. Temps in Las Vegas are probably going to be around 25 deg C as you indicated, but they could also be as high as 27 deg C.

    There are some really good tips about packing for road trips found in these threads.... And I would also suggest reading my comments in this Fly-n-Drive road trip article.


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    Many thanks Mark, will have a look.

    Cheers, Lynne

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    Default Baggage check.


    With only 20Kilos each for the flights within the UK, we're rather limited. Jeans and t's?
    You might want to check this out. If your flight in the UK is part of a forwarding International flight to the US, then the International baggage rule normally applies, which in most cases is 2 bags under 50lb each per person goes free.

    I would pack layered clothing to cover the varying conditions you may encounter.

    And just a reminder as you are going to Lake Tahoe.

    Don't forget HWY120 [Tioga pass] that crosses the Sierra's will still be closed so you will not be able to enter or leave Yosemite by the East entrance. This means you will have to come back from Tahoe and down the 49 for Yosemite, and to get to Death valley you will have to head South via Bakersfield.

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    Thanks for the info Dave - unfortunately our flights were booked separately so the 20k will stand.

    And yes, thanks to all the fab info on this Forum, we knew we'd have to go down via Bakersfield.

    Thanks again

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    Maybe you could go to a Goodwill or Salvation Army store and pick up a couple winter coats - then donate them back before you leave.

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