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    I'm planning a trip to visit Boston during January - April, 2009. I have some concerns as below:

    (1) When is the worst weather month in Boston area with heavy snow and colder?

    (2) Is the road condition good at I-87 during that period of time?

    (3) Can you suggest me a good route and the best month to visit during the period of January - April?

    I'm very appreciated if you can give me more information for my trip planning.



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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    1) Boston gets a pretty constant 3-4 inches of rain (or snow equivalent) per month throughout the year, so the worst months for snow would be the coldest ones, December through March. Having lived about 50 miles north of Boston, on the coast, for about a dozen years, I will tell you that you can get very severe snow storms any time after the middle of November, or well into April or May. There is simply no way to guarantee the weather this far in advance with any semblance of accuracy. You will have to be prepared for what New England has to offer in the winter, and that certainly includes Nor'easters.

    2) I-87 is a north-south road, whereas you'll be on I-90 (east-west) the entire way between Buffalo and Boston.

    3) I-90 is as direct and well maintained a route as you're going to find. The downside is that it is a toll road in both New York and Massachusetts. Given you're fears of driving in the snow, I'd take this trip as late into spring as you can manage and enjoy the budding greenery along the route.

    As for more info, have a look at these discussions


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