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    Default Boston - Quebec - Montreal - Ottawa - Toronto

    Hi guys.

    This is my first post, although I've searched a few archived threads on the forum.

    I didn't know whether to post in the summer or the winter forum but decided on summer as I am looking at a road trip in either late May/early June or late August/early September. My boyfriend and I would like to take a 3-week holiday and one of the options we are looking at is flying into Boston and visiting Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto - and hopefully some interesting places in between. We did a road trip on the West Coast a couple of years back and loved it, especially the random quirky places we hadn't known a lot about, like Euegene in Oregon and Modesto in California. I know there are lots of places like that on the West Coast and another West Coast trip is an option we're looking at but it's my job to research the East Coast/Canada option. I have also heard of a place called Algonquin Park that I would like to visit.

    What we'd like to do is probably just book accomodation at the start of the trip and at the end, and make it up in between. I would be interested to know if anyone on here has done a similar trip (or is local to any of those places) and knows what is in between the cities, and whether it would be realistic/easy to just make most of it up as we went along, planning day by day rather than all in advance. This worked really well on our first road trip.

    I would love to hear any opinions on this. I have been to Boston and Toronto before, but not any of the other places.

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    Default Oh Canada!

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Algonquin Prov. Park is a huge park in Ontario that could easily be fit into your trip. I haven't been there specifically, but I have been at several other Prov. Parks in the area, and I've found Ontario does an exception job of maintaining their parks.

    With three weeks you'd have ample time to explore and relax, and I really don't think you'll have to worry about making reservations, especially since you are planning to travel during the shoulders of the summer travel season. For what its worth, the last time I visited Toronto, I found a campsite over the US Memorial Day weekend without reservations and without problems.

    One concern might be with taking a rental car across the border. You'll have to research it, but you might have more luck taking a Canadian Car into the US than finding a US company that will let you drive into Canada.

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