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    We will be travelling to Las Vegas in December and we are renting a car. We want a good day trip but do not know if the extra long drive to the Grand Canyon is worth it as it makes for a really long day. We just want to take in some great desert sites. Is Death Valley and the surrounding area a nice enough drive?

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    I would put the Grand Canyon outside the realm of what's possible as a day trip from Las Vegas. I suppose that there are people who have done it, starting out early in the morning, somehow managing to avoid any delay crossing Hoover Dam, pulling up to the Canyon and taking a quick look and then making the drive back to Las Vegas before crashing to Earth, but it's hardly worth it. And the Grand Canyon deserves better than that. Death Valley is doable as a day trip from Las Vegas, particularly if what you're looking for is to "take in some great desert sites". But to be truthful, there are a couple of great desert sites even closer to Las Vegas if you want to minimize the driving and maximize the desert experience. One is west of Las Vegas: Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, and one is northeast: the Valley of Fire.


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    I agree with Buck that trying to drive to the Grand Canyon and back in one day just isn't worth it. Its hard enough to squeeze the canyon into one full day, trying to do it in just a couple hours doesn't begin to do it justice.

    In addition to Death Valley, and the other suggestions that Buck made, I'd also think about Zion national park. Here is also an entire article focusing on easy Vegas Daytrips.

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    Hey folks,

    thanks for the links. They're helping me so much!
    greetings from Austria/Europe

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    Thanks for the replies. I will definitely take your advice. We plan on going back next year and give ourselves more time so we are able to stay around the Grand Canyon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wilson View Post
    Hey folks,

    thanks for the links. They're helping me so much!
    greetings from Austria/Europe
    Hi Wilson and welcome to R.T.A.

    We are glad you are finding the forums useful, if you need any help with plans then let us know, we will be pleased to help.


    Have a great trip. I agree that the Grand canyon deserves more time, especially as you plan to return next year, it will still be there. There are plenty of options close by as already mentioned but I would recommend driving into Death valley, it's a fascinating place with great scenery. You could do lunch at Furnace creek and visit Badwater, the lowest point in the U.S.A and take a look at the Sand dunes near Stovepipe Wells by taking the 160 and 190 from Vegas.

    Have a great trip.

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