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  1. Default Driving from North Ga to Washington, DC

    We are planning a Year Anniversary trip to Washington, DC and then taking two days in NYC (where we honeymoon'd) as well and then driving back to N. Ga.

    I was wondering if anyone had any tips of where to stop to break the trip up on the way back [NYC - North GA].

    Also, if anyone has done this before and if there was anything on the way there that we should see or a route we should take.

    Any and All tips/advice/information would be greatly appreciated.


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    Since you're going to be taking the 'urban' route up, with stops in Washington, (Philadelphia?) and New York, then why not have a change of pace on the way back and take a more rural route. From NYC you could take I-78 to Harrisburg and then I-81 south to either I-77/I-85 for northeastern Georgia or all the way to past Knoxville and I-75 for northwestern Georgia. The lovely town of Lexington, VA would be about halfway on your return.


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