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    Please help me to resolve a potentially life threatening situation - that of my family!!
    We are planning to travel from Ireland to our niece's wedding in October/November this year. Our flights are booked, into SFO on 23rd October and out of SFO on 7th November. We are also commited to 3 nights in LV - Sunday 26th through Wednesday 29th. THe wedding is in Portland on Saturday 1st.
    OK - the problem is a) how to get from SF to LV - fly or drive?
    b) what to do after wedding in Portland (after hangover of course)? do we go back down to CA and do some trips from SF like the drive down to carmel etc or should we go north to Vancouver. We're all ready to throw in the towel so PLEASE HELP.................
    Tks in advance

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Right now, I actually have more questions that answers for you.

    First of all, how are you planning to get from Las Vegas to Portland, and then from Portland or Vancouver back to SFO?

    Are you also planning to spend any time in San Francisco? Are you more interested in spending time in cities or are their attractions that you'd like to see between the cities? Is money a factor in your decisions?

    There are plenty of reasons to fly or drive, and either could be right depending upon the situation. There are also great things to see both north and south of Portland. I think right now, You've got some many ideas going some many different directions, that you're overwhelming yourself. I'd suggest that you need to take a step back, take a deep breath, and lay out what it is you hope to achieve. That will hopefully give you better perspective on what options will work best for you.

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    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A forums.

    Quite a dilemma, as all parts are wonderful and it will come down to individual choice. It isn't that straight forward either as your start and finish point is right in the middle of 2 destinations in opposite directions. How are you getting from Vegas to Portland?
    Arriving in San Fran on the 23rd will give you a day to adjust and look around a little on the 24th, then if you want to drive to Vegas you would be best heading out on the 25th and doing a stop over somewhere. Another option would to be head down the coast a little on the afternoon of the 24th and 25th before heading to Vegas, this would be the best way to utilise your time seeing Carmel and some more of the Pacific coast highway if you drive.
    There a lot of things to see between Portland and S/F if you are planning to drive back, but of course you are looking at one way drop off charges each time you rent a car and leave it at another destination. Vancouver would mean crossing into Canada and going through customs and that can also be a problem with rental companies.
    Of course you could drive the whole route but you might be turning up at the wedding a little weary.

    This compatability test is a light hearted way to get people talking about what they want from the trip and here are some good links for you to have a look at.

    If you drive from Portland back to S/F then here's another link to give you a couple more ideas.

    Personally I would be looking at driving to Vegas via the coast, fly to Portland and then use the time after the wedding to drive back to S/F and explore the city. The most cost affective way would be to drive the whole route. I would also recommend the Alcatraz tour, very worth while but book it
    before hand to save dissapointment /queing.

    Have a look and a chat and when you have more questions don't hesitate to come back and ask.

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