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    mount vernon wa. 1 hour from seattle wa.

    Default Driving From Seattle To Houston Tx. In December 08

    Hi Ive Been Planning This Road Trip Since Last Year, Ive Been In College For A While And It Ends On Dec 12 For Me. So Im Wanting To Drive To Houston In Dec. Im In No Rush To Get Their. If It Takes Me A Week Then Im Just Hopping Im Their Before New Years. Ive Driven It Before When It Was All Sunny. My Concern Is The Snow And Where Not To Travel Threw. Instead Of A Safer Route Im Thinking,going Down To California And Catching I10 In La. All The Way To Houston, But Its More Time.

    How Are Weather Conditions?
    Has Any One Driven This Rout Before In Dec.?

    Im Planing To Get Gps For My Labtop To Put Inside The U-haul Truck. So That I Can Check Weather Reports. I Plan To Get Plenty Of Sleep During The Road Trip.

    Any Other Tips. Or Ideas,

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    Default Wouldn't help

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If you are planning to travel down I-5 to LA because its an interesting route with things you want to see, that's fine. However, if you are taking that route because you think it would be less likely to see bad weather, then you aren't really going to help yourself.

    I-5 crosses several mountain passes between Washington and Los Angels, and the highway can see significant storms. The mountains at the Oregon/California border are most noted for bad weather, although I-5 can even occationally close going over the Grapevine between Bakersfield and LA. I-10 also isn't a worry free route. Snow, and even more likely, Ice is certainly a possibility as you make your way through Arizona, New Mexico, and West Texas.

    Certainly, it is worthwhile to check the weather forecast in the days before you leave, and try to route around a major storm. However, since winter weather is possible almost everywhere in the US, generally your best bet for winter travel is simply to take the most direct route. That puts you on the road for the shortest amount of time, which is really the best way to reduce your likelyhood of hitting a storm.

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    mount vernon wa. 1 hour from seattle wa.


    thanks so the best idea is to take the most dirrect route to houston.
    these curvy lines dont look so direct but i trust google maps would give me the most direct route. i thinking ill be ok with a u-haul truck pulling a trailer, its heavy, better traction, i belive.,27.729492&z=5

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