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    Hello there, roadtrippers! I'm planning a weeklong trip to Colorado Springs for the end of the summer with my boyfriend. It looks like we'll be taking I-64 and I-70 most of the way there. While I'm familiar with the drive up to St. Louis (I have family there), I don't know Kansas very well and I'd like to stop to see any interesting attractions to keep the looong, flat expanse between Topeka and the Springs from driving us bonkers. Our pace is set at mosey.

    Any suggestions or advice for this stretch? It's not my first trip, but it will be my longest to date. It's the boyfriend's first outside of family ventures, so I want to make it an experience he'll think back on fondly. :)

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    Part of the reason that Kansas gets a bad name is that people only ever look at it while doing 75-80 mph hermetically sealed up in their cars. They expect boring, plan for boring, treat it as boring, and then wonder why they're bored! Like anywhere else, if you want to discover the joys of a place, you have to slow down, get out of the car, and experience the land you're driving through. In your case, I think you could do yourselves a favor by using US-24 rather than I-70. Stop at state parks and wildlife refuges along the way. Eat in and walk through small towns. Talk to the people - they've found a reason to like it there. For some general ideas on what's available in Kansas, have a look through this list.


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