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    imported_Dan Guest

    Default KANSAS, where to go?????

    I plan on taking a road trip out to Kansas, dont ask me why. I think im just facinated by small town mid-western life. I want to make a stop in Eudora only because its the title of a Get Up Kids album. I was just wondering if anyone could tell be about other places that i can go visit while im in Kansas. I really dont know much about the place. So, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou

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    Go to Lawrence--about 10 to 20 miles west of Eudora on K-10.

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    Lawrence is crazy this time of year with Kansas University Basketball starting up.

    I'm also partial to Colby (good cheese), Hays (All-American City) and Russell (birthplace of Bob Dole). They're all along I-70.

    Bring cold weather gear. Gets chilly at night this time of year.

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    craigpr Guest

    Default kansas..?

    Right.. why kansas... ha ha.. Kansas City has some things to see, the Country Club Plaza, some bad baseball games.. there will be a new minor league team here this year.. lots of fountains and parks in KC.. as for the rest of the state..? Dodge City.. in Hutchenson there's a space musium with an SR-71 insided.. there's the Flint Hills, nice drive ... anyway... good luck

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    kristy Guest

    Default has info on some of the famous western towns old fashioned saloons etc

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    Don Woodmancy Guest

    Default Kansas Cowtowns

    If you are interested in frontier history, I posted a short piece on this web site a few months ago talking about the Cow Towns and Gunfighters of the Kansas frontier. You can see it at

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    Eric Klemm Guest

    Default Coronado heights, etc...

    There is a good picnic spot near Lindsborg, KS called Coronado Heights. It is a castle built in the 1930's at a spot believed to be Coronado's camping spot. There is a great view of the surrounding farm fields. Not a whole lot of "attractions" in Kansas but very beautiful driving. I also suggest the Cosmophere in Hutchinson, a space museum. In Liberal, KS is a Wizard of Oz museum. Not very big or impressive, but for Dorothy buffs, it can be a highlight.
    Two interesting folk art stops would be "The Garden of Eden" in Lucas where a man built concrete sculptures all over his yard. In Mullinville there is a man who makes colorful metal sculpture along the highway, interesting. --In that same neck of the woods is the "Worlds largest hand Dug Well" in Greensburg. There are stairs down to the bottom and it is something like 110 ft deep and 20 ft across. hope this helps.

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    Default Great Suggestions


    Have you been to all of those places? 110 feet deep hand-dug well? That was someone with grit in their soul!

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    imported_Debbie Guest

    Default The Garden of Eden in Lucas KS

    There is a most wonderful folk art installation in Lucas KS (north of i70) called the Garden of Eden. Do not miss. Also Brookfield Hotel fried chicken just moved to Abilene off of I70 also. Used to be fabulous but still good.

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    Default Kansas?

    im still a little confused on why on earth you would choose to come to kansas. but since you want to , i would advise you to stay out of southeast kansas. nothing to see here. trust me, i know

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