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  1. Default Los Angeles to Portland!!!


    I am planning a road trip to Portland, from Los Angeles.
    I actually will be moving to Portland. If anyone knows of some cool places to see on the way up there, I would love to hear about them!

    Any advice on the drive etc, is always appreciated...


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    Default Welcome to the Pacific Northwest!

    You will enjoy living in Portland. And welcome to the Roadtrip America forum.

    There are plenty of things to do on this route. You might check out this roadtrip report for a trip from the Redwoods to Seattle. Some of the links in this post should be helpful as well.

    If you have at least four days, you should really consider doing the coastal routes (CA-1 and 101). If you really want to explore along the way, more days would be better. But four days would gives you a nice drive with a bit of time to stop and explore, too. If your time is more limited, than you will probably want to stick to I-5. There are also some ideas in those links to things to do along the interstate. It's still a nice drive.

    Check out those discussions and get some ideas and then come on back here to tell us what you're thinking. We can then give you some further input.

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