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  1. Default NYC, Adirondacks, Maine and Nova Scotia in September 08

    Hi everyone,

    My boyfriend and I are planning a road trip from NYC to the Adirondacks, Maine and then to Nova Scotia in September. Our dates are Sep 12 through 21.

    It's our first road trip, so we can use any advise/tips we could get.

    So far, we've decided to
    camp in the Adirondacks (2 to 3 nights),
    eat tons of seafood in Maine
    do some whale watching and wine tastings in Nova Scotia

    We would appreciate ANY information/advise/tips on where to go, what to see, what to eat, what type of weather we should expect, what is a suitable car for this type of trip, good & inexpensive places to stay in the area, etc...

    Also, we are hoping not to over-schedule our trip. We want to make a rough plan, and play it by ear for the most part. Do you think this is a bad idea? Should we plan the trip in details?

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    Default Have a flexible plan, I say

    Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums.

    I think most of us here will agree that it's wonderful to do some planning before you leave for a trip so you know what kinds of things are available in the areas you're traveling through. In fact, we think planning is half the fun! I typically have a couple "must-sees" and then the rest are more in the "would be cool to do if I have time and am in the mood" category. So, armed with this information, you can go-with-the-flow and make good choices. Believe me, you will never see it all so don't even try. Just enjoy what you do see and do. And allow yourself to spontaneously change your plans for the day if you find something serendipitous!

    If you're new to road-tripping, read these basic tips. We generally recommend that people drive no more than 500 miles per day in order to have time to explore a bit. But less is better if you have time to take it a bit slower.

    I'm not familiar with any driving restrictions requiring a certain type of vehicle. I am sure that any car that you are comfortable in and that has enough room for you and your gear will be just fine.

    Here's some interesting info about Nova Scotia. This post has links to some great discussions about the area you're traveling through with some good ideas. Try this one, too.

    I've never travelled through those areas so I can't give tips about lodging, restaurants, etc. I'm sure someone will eventually pop in here with some of that but you will also get tips by reading the links. Enjoy the planning and keep asking questions. We'll help you as best we can.

  3. Default You Can't Go Wrong in Maine

    As my user name implies I live in Maine and we love it here... You must go to Arcadia National Park and visit Bar Harbor, you can go from Nova Scotia to Bar Harbor via a ferry called the CAT. Make reservations for the car, it is a little pricey but with the cost of gas it might be worth looking into, and then follow route one down the coast. Remember Bar Harbor is considered "Downeast" , even though you are in the northern part of the Maine coast. I know it dosen't make sense...As you proceed down route 1 make little trips down some of the fingers to the authenic lobster docks. Ask the locals where they go for lobster, we are a friendly bunch. Try to make a stop in Camden, Rockland and Wiscasset. One of the best lobster rolls can be found in Wiscasset "Red's" just over the bridge. The line may be long but the lobster roll is plentiful, fresh and good. No credit card, cash only.. I hope this helps, if you need any additional information just email me {Moderator Note - email Address Removed per This Policy}
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    Default Local Intel

    Welcome to the RTA Forum, Me4us!

    Thanks for the Local Intel about Maine, especially about the restaurants. "Cash Only" places can be an inconvience when you are dining, but I've also found that the food is usually outstanding since it takes some special food to make up for that inconvience for many customers.

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