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  1. Default Twentynine Palms to Yosemite in April

    Hi. We're planning a trip in southern California next April. Although my husband and I have done lots of road trips in the past, this will be the first with our daughter and some of the long drives we used to do will not be possible (or at least, not enjoyable!). We're aiming to drive up from Twentynine Palms to Yosemite and have a maximum of two nights. Any advice on the best way to break the trip or things to see along the way would be great.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Tioga Pass will be CLOSED!

    Quote Originally Posted by RuthinHolland View Post
    We're aiming to drive up from Twentynine Palms to Yosemite and have a maximum of two nights.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Before you leave Twentynine Palms -- be sure to have a meal (breakfast) at the Cafe adjacent to the swimming pool at the 29 Palms Inn -- one of the best-kept dining secrets in California. April along the eastern Sierra is beautiful and so I would suggest heading north, past the Amboy Crater and the Amboy Shoe Tree and keep going more-or-less diagonally NE to Kelso (walk up the dunes if you are feeling like a walk...) and thence up to Baker and into Death Valley NP. Stay overnight at either the Furnace Creek Inn or Ranch and after exploring the park a little head NW on CA-190 to US-395 and head north.

    Spend the second night at either Mammoth Lakes or Lake Tahoe and use US-50 to cross the mountains and turn south for Yosemite.


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    I hadn't even thought of travelling east, I'd planned to drive up to Bakersfield and then to Yosemite through Fresno. There doesn't seem to be much to do on the way though, so going through Death Valley and then Tahoe sounds like a good plan. Might even be able to squeeze an extra night from elsewhere in the trip, not sure we'll need three full days for Anaheim, although daughter might disagree!
    Thanks very much for giving me an alternative.

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    Default Fantastic drive

    There's a fantastic route Mark has given you, one of the best in the country. Unfortunately Tioga Pass still will be closed so you'll have to drive north or south of the Sierras. The northern route already is decribed. Form Death Valley you also can take the southern route via Ridgecrest, 178 to Lake Isabella along Kern River to Bakersfield and to Sequoia NP first, but you'll miss places like Mono Lake. Also north of Lee Vining is Bodie Ghosttown, one of the best preserved ghosttown. Keep an eye on the weather though because the northern route still had snow in april this year. If you can, add an extra day to this whole trip, you won't be sorry. And for the Kelso Dunes....I don't think you will climb this with a 5 years old. Definitely stop at Roy's Cafe (an old R66 icon, the fuel pump reopened may this year) in Amboy and at the Kelso Depot and museum in Mojave National Preserve. Death Valley is one of our favorite places on earth. Furnace Creek Inn is expensive but nothing can beat sunset from their terrasses. Furnace Creek Ranch is less expensive and my favorite place to stay the night is in Stovepipe Wells village 30 minutes from the ranch on 190. Make your reservations for Death Valley here.
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