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  1. Default SF to LA via highway 1 in 2 days

    Hello, there,

    I know this route is well described on this board but I couldn't find my answers.

    I'm planning to leave SF on Aug 13th around 10 AM and need to be in LA on 15th by noon because I need to catch the plane. I will be traveling alone in rented car.

    I would like to come to LA the night before so it gives me the time for quick tour in the morning before my flight.

    Where would you recommend that I split the trip and spend the night 13/14 between starting and ending point? I can spend up to 50$ for hotel/hostel.

    I would like to make some longer stops in places like Monterey, Santa Cruz, Big Sur, Carmel, San Luis Obispo, Hearst Castle, Santa Barbara (not more than 3 hours) and some short once here and there along the road.

    Is it good plan or should I forget about LA and make full 2 days with 2 night at two places and than head directly to airport on 15th?

    If I choose this second option where should I spend the night?

    I would like to make trip plan and book accommodation before I leave for US (3 weeks from now), so I don't need to bother about that when I get there.

    I will appreciate any advice.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I think your overall plan is quite good. Two days will allow a fairly leisurely drive down the coast, even though it won't allow you a ton of time at all the places you've listed. You will have to let some go. As for where to stay. I did a quick check by just doing a search on 'townname California motel' and for both of the two towns I checked, Cambria and Lockwood, I found motel rooms available for $55-65 for the night of Aug 13. I would suggest that you plan on staying a bit farther north than halfway as most of the things you'll be spending time at (Monterey, Carmel, Big Sur) would be in that area. Then you can devote your second day to San Simeon and the coast/sealife. Your flight out of L.A. is early enough in the day that I'd want to wake up relatively close to the airport rather than counting on covering any serious ground in the morning traffic.


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    If you're pushing out from SF mid morning on the 13th, and fly out of LA noonish on the 15th you'll need to make some tracks. Lots of things to see, but you may end up short on time to visit places.

    For a ROM plan, something like

    13th -- SF, to Monterey, Carmel and down the coast to San Simeon. Night in San Simeon area. It's about 2 hours minimum from Monterey to San Simeon, and probably 3+ hours for that leg alone if you do sightseeing. The Hearst Castle Tour is going to be 2 hours at least for schedule time. A full day.

    14th -- San Simeon area to Ventura CA area. Depending upon your success the previous day, you might be able to do the Hearst Castle tour this morning, and then hit the road for SLO and down to Santa Barbara. I'd definitely visit the mission in Santa Barbara as well as otherwhere around -- but its going to be around 2-3 hours from San Simeon to Santa Barbara. From Santa Barbara to Ventura is less than an hour.

    15th -- Get up early, and head for LAX. That's probably going to be around 2 hours, plus time to put the rental car away, check in, etc. You won't be doing much sightseeing in LA -- its a big place, and can take you an hour just to get from one side to another, so I'm reluctant to suggest sightseeing if you need to get to the airport.

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    Thanks for the tips.
    I'm currently looking for some cheap accommodation in San Simeon area, but I'm not very successful.
    Do you know some good place to stay not more than 40$ per night?

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