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  1. Default Is coast to coast loop trip in one month possible?

    My wife and I are planning to do coast to coast trip starting from July 1. We will start from Albany, NY and have to return to Albany by August 1. I am thinking whether we should do a one way trip to west coast and fly back to east coast or do a loop trip. There are several spots that we don't want to miss, like yellow stone, grand canyon, Las vegas, LA. What plan and route should I take? Is it possible to make a loop trip within one month? thank you for your advice.

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    Figure on five days from coast to coast, so, yes it is definitely possible to do this in a month's time.

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    I'm doing NY to CA and back again-- but over 9 weeks. I want to visit friends and family... plus it's just me driving.

    Here's my blog with an estimated route.
    I don't know if I would try this in 1 month. I guess it's possible. But, like a lot of people write, it depends on how much sight seeing you want to do.

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    Hi Kirby,
    Your blog is great. Thank you for sharing the information. I don't need to visit people in the trip, so I think maybe it would take me less time to finish it. One month is quite tight. I hope I can make it.

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    My girlfriend and I did Philly to L.A. to San Fran to Chicago and back to Philly in 4 weeks. You can read the field report here.
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    My hubby and I did Sacramento to Rhode Island and back in 40 days. We did a figure 8 instead of a loop, but it was plenty of time for us. In fact, by the time we got to Niagra Falls we were ready to come home so we just followed the interstate back the whole way.

    This is the way we chose our route: Get a big wall map of the US and hang it up in the living room. Mark the places that you really, really must/want to go. Choose maybe five or so of the most important places. You might need to eliminate regions that are too far out of the way from the most important destinations. (We chose to skip the south.) Then start filling in your route with fun, smaller things to do along the way.

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