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    Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on our road trip!!! My boyfriend and I are planning a road trip of the west coast in July 2008. Our route so far is:

    Fly into La

    From LA travel up to San Fran

    San Fran to Yosemite

    Yosemite to Las Vegas

    Vegas to Joshua Tree National Park

    Joshua Tree National Park to San Diego

    Fly our of San Diego to Chicago

    Chicago back to Ireland

    Hoping to spend 4 days in Chicago, so that would leave us with 25 days to do the road trip part. Any suggestions on how long we should stay in each place?

    Was thinking:

    LA 5 nights (Want to go to Disney land & Universal studios, going to stay in long beach, Santa Monica...)
    San Fran 4 nights
    Yosemite 2 nights
    Vegas 3 nights
    Joshua Tree 2 nights
    San Diego 4 nights (go down to Mexico for a day on the train)

    From LA to San Fran we want to stop off in Santa Cruz and stay a night or so. Are there any other places on the way we should stay for a night?



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    The RoadTrip portion of your trip through California and the Southwest is one of the most popular in the U.S., so for starters be sure to read the discussions of other similar trips. While I don't see them on your list, you certainly have time to get to two of the most scenic places on Earth, the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley. Don't forget to see some of the smaller sites in that area as well. In San Diego, be sure to plan on spending some time at Balboa Park - there's a ton of stuff to do and much of it is low cost or free. The attraction of Chicago is the excitement and bustle of a major big city, but there are nearby quieter areas such as Indiana Dunes as well.

    As far as how much time to spend in each location, that is entirely your call. Certainly 4 or 5 days in each of the major cities is not too much, but I do urge you to see if you can find at least a couple of days to get to the Grand Canyon.


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