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    So I have been wanting to do a road trip for years now and now I have decided that it is going to be my last celebration after grad school graduation. This is going to be next summer between June and August. However, I have not really been looking into what I should see along the way. So what I am looking for here is some suggestions about how I can spend my time while I am driving.

    Between the end of the semester and when I will probably will be starting working next summer I will have about six weeks to play with. I dont expect to fill all of this time by any means, even though I know I probably could.

    I will be originating in central Ohio and have already done a lot of traveling in the midwest, eastern coast and a little bit in the South and I will probably be going to NY that summer for a graduation so those areas are not of as much interest to me right now. Originally I was thinking about driving Route 66 but I am sure there are interesting things I will miss by being so direct. I will be driving my own vehicle, so I will have to do a loop drive (which I am really excited about). I am planning on camping and taking advantage of all my family members who live strewn about the country.

    My only goals for the trip are the Grand Canyon and San Francisco. So does anyone have some advice about awesome things I should not miss along the way?

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I too, like to start planning for RoadTrips as far ahead as I can, and one of the things I do almost immediately is to start daydreaming on the web. Start a folder for your trip under your browser's bookmarks or favorites and just start wandering around. Save any links to places that seem intriguing and organize them as you see fit. You'll find many more things that way than we can possibly suggest, and they are pretty much guaranteed to be the things that you'll enjoy most.

    As for an overall route and major attractions along the way, a loop does indeed suit your need. For the leg that includes the Grand Canyon, the old US-66 alignment, I-70/I-44/I-40, would be a good choice with (besides the Canyon) St. Louis, Oklahoma City, Santa Fe, the Petrified Forest, Las Vegas, Death Valley and Yosemite as possibilities. For the alternative leg, I-80 would be the most direct and also offers access to the Great Salt Lake, Flaming Gorge, the Oregon Trail and the Amana Colonies. You'll also have some time to wander to some places that are a little off your direct routes such as Monument Valley - Mesa Verde and Rocky Mountain National Park.


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