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    Default Cross Country on Interstate 70

    Hello everyone, I am traveling from sunny Va Beach, to sunny San Diego mostly on Interstate 70. I have an idea of where I'm going to stay, but I don't really have any idea of what there is to see, as far as sites are concerned along the way. Any ideas or places to find this stuff out, or is it all just a lot of web surfing? Food is a big plus. I will travel a little out of the way for food. Love the old American type eateries, ie. diners, truck stops that type of thing. But culture is good too, obviously. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default You've Come to the Best (But Not Only) Place to Find Out

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I-70 only adds about 110 miles to the shortest possible route between Virginia Beach and San Diego, but if you take I-44/I-40 from St. Louis to I-15, you'll be following the old alignment of Route 66 which certainly has its share of quirky roadside eateries. We also offer many more tips on eating on the road. Between Virginia Beach and St. Louis sight-seeing highlights would include Monticello, the Midland Trail through West Virginia, horse country around Lexington, and the Arch and Museum of Westward Expansion in St. Louis. West of St. Louis either route (I-70 or I-44/I40) offers lots of sights along the way. On I-70: Truman's Home and the Pony Express station in Independence, Denver, and I-70 itself over the Rockies, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. On I-44/I-40: the Ozarks, The Oklahoma City Memorial, Cadillac Ranch, Petrified Forest, and the Grand Canyon (by a short detour)


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    Yeah, I looked at the I-40, but my last stop before San Diego is Carson City, NV. That's a must to visit a good friend. But thanks for the other ideas. Also a friend told me that I-70 west of Denver is the best section of road in America in his opinion. I had planned to pop north to the I-80 after Denver, but I think my plan changed after he told me that. Anyway, thanks

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