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    Hey everyone! Four or five friends and I are all graduating in May '07 and were going to plan a cross country road trip from North Carolina to California, and back (We are all 21+ so that isnt an issue). Since we all are going to be graduating, we don't have a specific time face, which is nice. One friend did a cross country, while in high school, but didn't do any planning. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips for planning it (besides things we can figure out like the route we want to take, etc). One big question on my mind is transportation? What is a fuel-efficient yet big enough car to take? Any ideas or suggestions? ANwyas, all suggestions, comments, etc., are much appriciated! Thanks for your time!!

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America forum!

    There a many resources on this site to help you plan - look here for starters.

    Though I'm generally not a fan, I did find out a couple years back that a Buick is large enough to be comfortable in, yet gets decent gas mileage for it size (got about 30mpg on the open road in a Park Avenue). With 6 people, though, anything is going to be tight, except maybe a 15-passenger van.

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    As Tim said, 5 to 6 people gets really tight in anything other than a full sized van. Even in a Jumbo sized SUV, there just isn't much room once you figure in luggage and cargo.

    Generally speaking, Its usually easiest just to use the cars you or your friends already own. Try to find the most reliable one that will fit you and your friends comfortably. Better Gas Mileage is always nice, but when you are splitting things up between a few people, you don't need to worry about it as much.

    While I'm personally not a big fan of the multi-car roadtrip, this is a case where you have enough people that your best bet might be to use two cars, giving you the chance to switch traveling companions on a day by day basis, and also allowing two groups to split up if people have different priorities.

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