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  1. Default First Trip, CA to CT in my 1990 VW Vanagon help

    Help me out guys with all of your info, suggestions, concerns, and input.
    I am driving from Huntington Beach, CA to New York. I am planning to make it to grand canyon national park the first day (about 10hrs of driving) on I-40. My concern is weight and my 90 horsepower engine.
    I am planning to take my time and enjoy. I get more than 300 miles to the tank and if google maps says it is 2890miles, say 3000 miles, is that 10 tanks? or will it be more because of going up hill towards the rockies? will it be more because of weight? yeah probably.
    i have flares, parts, other things i have not mentioned. trying to be quick. i will camp, cook, and am looking for tips and tricks

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    During the summer of 2006, my husband and I drove cross country in our '81 Westfalia. Here are some of the random tidbits we learned along the way:

    - the intestates are boring, but they're flat and easy and gentle on an old air cooled engine
    - the US is freakin' huge!
    - you will probably use more gas than you think
    - it's nice to have an alternate means of transportation (like a bike) to explore a neat place without having to use up gas
    - the bugs get bigger the closer you get to the south east
    - sometimes you want to buy gas where ever you can find it
    - staying with family and friends can be a really nice break from campgrounds and it's free!
    - a vanagon is big but not very heavy - and the wind loves to push it all over the road - especially when you drive by semi trucks
    - a national parks pass can be a really great investment and most of the parks have good campgrounds
    - if you can, do your own tune ups and oil changes and you'll save a lot of money. They'll keep your car running more smoothly and improves your gas mileage.
    - be flexible and you'll have more fun

    Enjoy your trip!

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    Default There Was Once a Book: Zen and the Art of VW Maintenance

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Between not running the tank down to anywhere near empty, and at least a few side trip miles, I'd count on more like 13-14 fill-ups to get you to New York, but to be honest such a consideration almost never enters into my RoadTrip planning. My body demands to stop far more often than the car does. Interstate Highways are built to specifications that limit grades to 6%. That is the road can't gain more than 6 feet in elevation over 100 feet of length. So while you may slow down a bit (typically extra an extra lane is added at the right for slower traffic in such circumstances) you should find nothing insurmountable.

    And I think Jessi's final advice to "be flexible" is spot on. Take your time. Don't plan on covering more than 500 miles a day - 400 if you want to stop and see things on the way - and just take the "What? Me Worry?" attitude that befits a cross country camping trip in a Vanagon.


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