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  1. Default Winston-Salem to San Francisco with 2 Dogs and a DJ

    I am moving across country with two dogs and a small U-Haul trailer attached to my Kia Sportage. The dogs will have the whole back of my SUV. I am traveling with a DJ friend from Germany who has not seen anything of the US but Miami. We are starting out from Winston-Salem and ending up in SF (Sonoma). I originally thought I-40 across the country but perhaps there is a more scenic route without going too far out of the way? I'm all for Nashville and Little Rock but going through NM and AZ seems kind of bleak and boring...

    Also, he's a DJ and it might be of interest to have a gig somewhere along the way so major cities could be useful that way. We can't spend a lot of time sight-seeing and of course will be limited with two large dogs to be sure...

    Any suggestions for a route? I'm also a big time foodie and love off the beaten path road food...

    Thanks for your help in advance,

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    Default Seriously?

    Quote Originally Posted by miamibee View Post
    I'm all for Nashville and Little Rock but going through NM and AZ seems kind of bleak and boring...
    There is a bit of a code around here that there are no boring places, and if you find a place that is boring, it because boring is exactly what you expect and want to find.

    However, even saying that, I don't know if I've ever heard someone discribe Northern Arizona and New Mexico as boring. Between the Albq and Sante Fe areas, The Various Route 66 attractions, Painted Desert and Petrified Forest National Parks, The Red Rock country around Sedona, and this slightly popular attraction called the Grand Canyon, I'm not sure how you could call that area boring under any circumstance.
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    Default I wish you well

    Sounds like an interesting journey to say the least. Just a couple comments before I describe a very interesting route for you.

    Traveling with dogs can introduce problems in itself. Many motels, particularly chain motels, do not accept dogs. However, many of the smaller ones, it is no problem.

    Your friend being a DJ will find it a bit difficult to find a paying gig along the trip. Any he does happen upon will be hit or miss. Is he bringing his own sound system and music or not? That can make a difference.

    I live just down the road from where you are beginning and have been over this route and find it very appealing. You can spend as much or little time stopping to see sights as you care to because it is out there. I recommend that you get your hands on a guide book or search the web for sites such as this one for sights along the way. Also, it will take you past local motels and "Mom and Pop" diners which serve the best food, more of it, and much cheaper that fast food on the big chains. Also more likely to be pet friendly.

    Start by going to Sikeston, Missouri and eating at Lambert's Throwed Rolls. Continue west on US 60 to Springfield, Missouri. There hit old Route 66 and take it as much as possible all the way to Needles, California!!!! Do not worry too much about crossing New Mexico and Arizona. Actually, there are many sights along the route to behold! Be sure to take the side trip to the Grand Canyon in Flagstaff. Also insure you go thru Peach Springs and Oatman-both in Arizona.

    (Be sure to fill up with gas before you get to Needles-they are probably the highest price gas in the country.) In Needles take US 93 north into Las Vegas. (If you are going to stay there, I think you will enjoy staying downtown instead of on the strip plus it is much cheaper.)

    Take US 95 north out to Vegas (and stay on 95) to Ely. (You might want to take a tour and recalculate the route on to the extraterrestial highway and eat at Rachel each at the "Alien Inn" and visit Area 51.

    When you run into US 50, take it west to S.F. This will be the old Lincoln Highway and is most interesting. It is older and longer and carried more people that route 66.

    If I can be of more assistance or you want more details, just post it here or email me directly.

    Just remember the journey is as important as the destination.

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    Thanks so much Scotishbob! This is very helpful info. I have already looked into motels that accept dogs so that's covered. I had no idea that the AZ-NM part of the drive included the Grand Canyon (my ignorance due to having never traveled this way in adulthood). I will delve deeper into your suggestions and look forward to experiencing them first hand. Again, many, many thanks!


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