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    Default Trip from San Francisco to Toronto

    My husband and I and our 2 dogs are planning to drive from San Francisco to Toronto, Canada for Christmas this year. What is the best route to take, based on weather? What are the good websites for checking out travel restrictions?


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    Default I-80 would still be my choice

    The only real problem you might have is getting your dogs into Toronto. But as long as you have the proper documentation it should be no real problem.

    As far as routes -- Yes, if you take the most direct route I-80 you will probably hit winter driving conditions, (snow, sleet, black ice, etc.) but the advantage is that the highway departments all along that route are equipped and ready to clear the roads. In general the worst of the winter drivign weather doesn't hit the rockies until after Christmas so you shouldn't worry too much.

    As far as weather and road conditions, check out our links page at and look at the last posting in that section.

    Have an adventure!!!!!!


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