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  1. Default NYC to LA. Please help with the route.

    I got a job in LA and moving in a few weeks with my wife. There will be only 1 driver which is me.
    1 - Do you think 6-7 days is doable with a single driver?
    2 - Can you recommend me a nice scenic route? Also some lodging information within this route?
    3 - What are the things that I should know before attempting my first road trip.


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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    I would definitely go with the 7 days if there is only one driver - it takes about five days to go from coast to coast via the fastest route. Even with the extra couple of days, you won't have too much time to really take in the scenery, but one option for you would be to hook up with I-70 which has some very nice scenery. You could take this route pretty much across the country after hooking up with it in Pennsylvania.

    Lodging shouldn't be too difficult to find most anywhere in the country.

    For some more planning ideas, check our planning pages.

  3. Default Must see places between NY and LA. Please help.


    I am doing a moving road trip between NY and LA. I plan to do this in 7 days. Can you please point me to must see places in this route? Thanks.

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    Default Nope

    I'm sorry, but you are looking at a trip that could cover pretty much the entire US, sans Alaska and Hawaii, and you've laid out absolutely no criteria for what you would be interested in seeing. So based on that, no its not possible to say what is a "must see" because we don't know your interests, and the list of possibilities is virtually endless.

    Look around a little and get a feel for what you want to see. Perhaps check out our A-Z list of things to do in every state, and build a trip around the kinds of things that are must see for You.

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    Ok let me clarify then. Here is what I would like to see:
    - Grand Canyon
    - Natural parks, nice scenery
    - Unique restaurants
    - Amusement/Theme Parks
    - Museums

    I know I am pretty limited with the time but please help me to get the most out of this.

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    Default And let me clarify the problem

    Your trip is roughly 2800. By the time you add in stops for fuel, lodging, food, etc. even if you don't go far off the interstates to do these, you will easily add 10% to that making your total miles closer to 3000 miles (minimum).

    We generally recommend that people drive no more than 500-550 miles per day, especially on a multi-day trip with one driver. More than that and fatigue sets in. We also generally agree that, over the course of the day, with only quick stops for fuel/food/bio breaks, you will generally average 53mph east of the Mississippi and 57mph west of it.

    3000 divided by 55 (for an average) is about 55 hours. Over 7 days, this is almost 8 hours per day on the road. You are not going to have much time to visit national parks, amusement/theme parks, or museums. You're especially not going to have much time to visit any that might be quite a ways off your most efficient route.

    Here is your most efficient route. Just a few highlights that jump out to me are the St. Louis Arch, Harry Truman's birthplace in Springfield MO, Oklahoma City Memorial, Old Town Albuquerque, fun Route 66 kitsch left in places like Tucumcari NM and Gallup NM, and the Petrified Forest and Meteor Crater in AZ.

    I suggest you save Grand Canyon for another time. It's worth a whole day, at least. And you just won't have it. LA is a day's drive from the GC. You could take a nice 3-day weekend trip there sometime after you've settled in.

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