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  1. Default Roadtrip from LA to CHI, what to do?

    Hi everyone,

    Im heading over from Australia in July and am planning a roadtrip from LA to Chicago. At this stage the itinerary only includes the following as definites:

    LA, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Dallas, Chicago

    I really have no idea what i should be doing in between these destinations???

    I have just over 2 weeks after leaving LA and i am more than happy to designate entire days to driving.

    My co-pilot and i are both 25 and are looking to see the sites as well as take in as much night life as possible.

    Any suggestions?

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Without knowing you or your partner's specific tastes, I'll recommend two things. One is that you check through these lists for ideas. The second is that you get a good atlas of the US and look for parks, historical sites, scenic roads and the like, and start stringing those together to make your route to Chicago.


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    That link is awesome!

    If anyone has any towns in particular that they can suggest that have good bars/nightlife etc. that would be great. My traveling partner is actually a buddy (both male) so we definitely aren't looking for any romantic hotspots. We are more interested in seeing the sights as we go and stopping off at some cool towns along the way.

    Any advice would be great???

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