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  1. Default Sacramento to Chicago in March on 80, HELP!


    I will be driving from Sacramento, CA to Chicago, leaving this weekend. I see that there is some snow forecasted for Tahoe and through Nevada, the day I leave, with strong winds near Cheyenne the day I pass through (Monday).
    Anyone think the southern route on 40 would be worth the extra 6 hours?
    I am driving a 4 dr Saturn Ion, not 4wd.
    Any advice would be fabulous.


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    While the Saturn Ion wouldn't be my first choice for a bad weather car, in the end, it's the driver rather than the car which decides the safety of any trip. Also, it's a little early yet to be making decisions based on forecasts. Five days is at the absolute limit of what you can even begin to accept as a meaningful forecast, and I wouldn't take that as any more than a general hint. For instance, when I looked at the forecast, I saw rain, not snow, predicted for the Lake Tahoe region through Nevada, and the wind at Cheyenne was forecast for Sunday, not Monday. So these things are still subject to quite a bit of change. But so far, I don't see anything in either your report or what I found that would cause me to choose a route that was guaranteed to add 6 hours (or more) to my trip. Keep an eye on the weather, but so far the elements favor using I-80. Even if you have to sit out a few hours in a warm restaurant or motel somewhere, you still save the gas and extra time you'd have to spend by using I-40.


  3. Default incline?

    Do you think the Northern Route is still better, even if my car is not a big fan of all the mountain driving. Even when taking it Tahoe, it is a bit slow on the inclines!
    Which route is more scenic (from the highway)? We won't have much time to venture off of the highway.

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    Default still mountains in the south

    You'd really be dealing with just as many mountains by going south to I-40. You'll still have to cross a pass in southern california, and go through the mountains of Arizona and New Mexico.

    Taking I-80, Tahoe will be your biggest obstical. Once you get over the Sierras, the trip through Utah and Wyoming will be cake.

    Unless you've got a real good reason or strong desire to go to I-40, I would stick to I-80.

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