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    Hello everyone, I'm Fayšal a 21 years old students from casablanca, I'll be doing an exchange summer programm in Idaho. Im really glad I found this website; I have too many questions to ask. well, I've lived in Casablanca, and Paris so im kind of a city guy. I would like to visit all the cool places in the east cost (essentially big cities). I know Idaho does not offer thos (I might be wrong). Im thinking of going to seattle, los angleles, san francisco, san diego, vegas and at the end of the summer programm visit bostol, chicago until NYC. Do you think it is possible? what's the reasonable budget for this kind of trips? and if any students or people are willing to be a part of this adventure i'll be very glad :)

    Thank you all

    See ya in June :)

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America forum!

    The first thing you will need to decide is how much time you will have to make the trip and what your budget will be once the time comes.

    I think that you have a lot on your plate - keep in mind the vastness of the country. In order to take a trip that would incorporate all of the cities you mentioned, you would need at least three weeks, and that would only allow you to scratch the surface. If you were flying from place to place, that time (might) be reduced somewhat, but the costs would escalate proportionately.

    If I were you, I would concentrate on the cities in the West to start with.

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