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    Default Driving in East Coast (End of December)?

    We're basically gonna fly from West Coast near the end of December to Washington, DC, and then rent a car and drive to NY, Boston, Philly, NJ, Atlantic City etc. Is it feasible? Or will it be to harsh to drive? I heard it's really terrible to drive in East Coast. Should we go on tour instead? We need a lot of advice for this since this is our first visit to East Coast. Thanks in advance!!! :)

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    Default East Coast Driving

    Depends on the weather conditions in December. It can be terrible if your facing heavy snows, ice or sleet. The option of stopping off until conditions improve are always available. Other then the weather point to point driving poses minimal problems. When you get to a destination you can always take a City Tour for a good overview. Good luck.

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    Default DC

    i'm an east coast man so i could give you nice places to visit here which are near your destination.

    1. DC (white house)
    2. NY (empire, central park, ground zero)
    3. PA (philly, gettysburg, hershey)
    4. NJ (atlantic city)

    Boston is too far from you.

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    thanks for the inputs guys. additionally, our budget/person for the 11 days trip is approximately $700, excluded airplane ticket ^_^ is that feasible?

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    Default Car Rental Funds

    A decent rental vehicle will probably not be less then $40 a day plus extras (airport tax, local tax, etc). One time I thought I was getting a really good deal out of the airport, that is, until I returned the vehicle. Don't forget gas & tolls. Negotiate for a no mile charge vehicle, they are more prone to upgrades off season.

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    Default budget $700 per person 11 days

    Depends on how many are you and how many places you want to visit. But a $65 per day budget will be just fine, I guess.

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