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    Hi everyone! So excited because I just found this site and I have already learned so much, thanks in advance for that!

    My boyfriend and I are planning a cross country trip to celebrate graduation from college. We have been looking forward to this for many years, and I can't believe its coming soon! He is a photographer, and we would like to capture some unique and beautiful sights.

    We are leaving from NJ in June, and would like to make our way to San Francisco and back. I estimate we have about a month to do this. We're trying to do it pretty cheap, so we'll be camping often or staying in basic motels/rest stops, and packing most of our meals.

    What I'm looking for are recommendations about routes to travel. I'm really in the basic planning stages right now, so I'm open to suggestions. We want to see many of the big time sights, as well as some things that are a bit "off the beaten path." We want to see thing like the national parks out west, as well as old ghost towns or ruins. I'm interested in seeing some local festivals or other things that make each place wonderful, so if anyone has had a good experience please share. He's a big motorhead, so we would like to include a bit of that on the tour. We also want to leave time for stopping at random for things we see while on the road.

    I realize this is a bit vague, but please, suggest away!

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    A month gives you a lot of breathing room to make this trip, though not too much - figure on five days from coast to coast, so there's ten days if you were just to make a trip out and back. However, this gives you another twenty to spend doing other things!

    Start your planning with our planning pages. There you'll find a good article about road tripping on the cheap.

    I did some searching and found some interesting festivals that are taking place at that time of the year:

    Virginia Blues & Jazz Festival - this is in a remote and very beautiful area of the state.

    Here is a list of festivals in Ohio in June. The duct tape festival sounds interesting. Looking through the list it appears some of these also include car shows.

    EPodunk has quite an extensive list.

    You have quite a bit of options to cross the country, too. You could head directly West on, say, the Lincoln Highway or the National Road; you could make it a straight journey on Interstate highways.

    My thoughts on this would be to head South first then West. In early June the humidity isn't generally as bad as it will be closer to July in the South. Then you can explore the national parks of the West and start your way back East across the Northern tier of the country.

    I also recommend taking the time to do some hiking in the parks as that is the way your boyfriend will be able to get some really nice shots that people don't see every day.

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