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    Default Colorado and Back

    Three of us will be traveling to Colorado from Northern Indiana in July. We have rented a cabin there. We have as much time as we want on either end of the trip but not unlimited funds. We will be making one definate stop the first night in St Louis. We have all been to most of the highlights on this trip. Are there any out of the ordinary things to see or not-to-be-missed places to eat? Is there any way to break up Kansas or Nebraska? We want to take a different route each way.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    We have been listing about 26 places in each state that are worth seeing. The beauty of those lists is that following those links will take you to many sites that will lead to even more out of the ordinary possibilities. More important, however, than having an itinerary, is having the proper attitude. If you think that Kansas and Nebraska are going to be less than exciting, and all you do is cruise through on the interstate looking for some "thing" to break up the monotony, then you are indeed going to have a monotonous trip. I've had some great times in Kansas, touring the airplane facilities in Wichita, poking around Dodge City, climbing to the bottom of the world's biggest hand dug well in Greensburg, visiting the site an Indian massacre outside Le Cygne. Open your eyes and your mind and you will find what you need.


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    "Open your eyes and your mind and you will find what you need."

    If it were that easy, we wouldn't need this forum, would we?

    I do not consider myself closeminded or blind

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    Default actually

    It really is that easy. There are interesting things to find on a roadtrip everywhere! Not all of them are as in your face as the majestic Rocky Mountains, but they are all there, and in fact they are so great in numbers that you couldn't even put a dent in all the things to see and do in states like "monotonous" Nebraska and Kansas.

    Good Roadtrips aren't about just crossing off a list of attractions. While this website can help you find interesting things along the way, if you are just looking on the web for your specific stops and ways to "break up" stretches of 500 miles or more where you don't see anything flashing in front of you, in many ways you've already missed the point.

    Roadtrips are about exploring what's out there. Your attitude going into an area will play a huge role in what you do find.

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    Default Colorado and Back

    Three of us are spending two weeks in Colorado in July. We are planning on making the trip there and back part of the adventure. Right now the route out will probably be US 50 from St Louis, spending the night in Dodge City. We have just two days to get there, but coming back is open ended. We need to end up near Chicago. Is there a recommendation for a route that sort of parallels I90? We are also into unusual eateries.

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    Take I-76 out of Colorado and merge with I-80. Just past Davenport, hope onto I-88 into Chicago. It's about 1000 miles; a 2-3 day drive.

    Here's some of our recommendations for good road food. And here is a list of great links for road food ideas. Worth exploring if you're into fun, unique and good spots to grab a bite.

    Anything else we can help you with?

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