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    My roommate and I (both 21 and in College) are planing a road trip to Seattle. We plan on leaving the 22nd of February. The whole point of this trip is to see as much as we can off the highway.

    Is there any towns or places that you suggest we check out on our way?

    Thank you,

    Chicago - Billings, Montana - Seattle

    Add stops to the Map by hitting Collaborate.
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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There are, of course, hundreds of intriguing sites along the way of most transcontinental routes, and that is particularly true of your intended route. For starters, consider the places that have been visited by RoadTrippers Peter, Bob, and Peter (again). Then you can't forget Devils Tower, Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. I had the pleasure of poking around the Palouse a couple of years back, and Judy has written extensively on the Pacific Northwest.

    You do have a month or so for this trip, Right?


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    Default How do you do that?

    Quote Originally Posted by inthenickoftime4 View Post
    Add stops to the Map by hitting Collaborate.
    Hmm, where do I find the tab for Collaborate -- that would be a cool feature -- but I don't see it...

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    Default Collaborate

    Hi Mark,

    Did you find it in the end? Click My Maps and it's at the top of the lower panel on the left.


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    Default Still can't find it

    Odd...I searched all over the "My Maps" page. And even went into all the developer's tools, etc. to see if they list it there. I even found tons of mapplets applications, i.e. where to party in Amsterdam, best scuba diving sights, even crop circles, for gosh sakes, but no Collaborate.

    Too bad. Sounds like a cool tool.

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