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  1. Default Driving from seattle to chicago!!!

    Well!! I ve been plannin this trip for weeks.
    I ve 4 days in hand to drive.I am planning to drive from seattle and plan to drive during day for 7-8 hrs and stop by 5 in the evening.
    Can u suggest me the places to see in between seattle and chicago.
    And also places vere i can stop by at night to crash..(not very expensive places)

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    Welcome to the site. It sounds like you'll be doing a lot of driving if you're planning to make that journey in 4 days but, if you're used to long hours behind the wheel, and you're not expecting to arrive fresh and wide awake, it is possible. If you can give yourself another day though, you'd be able to slow down a little and maybe get to see a few places along the way.

    Check out these posts for some pointers:

    Chicago to Seattle - too ambitious?
    Driving from Chicago to Seattle
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    You do have a bit of a problem.

    If you are serious about limiting yourself to 7-8 hours on the road, you simply will not be able to make it from Seattle to Chicago in 4 days.

    You can easily make it to Chicago in 4 days, but you will need to expect to be on the road for at least 9 hours a day, and that's before you do any major stops for sightseeing or the like. Its certainly reasonable to drive an extra couple hours a day, but you will need that extra time to complete the trip in 4 days.

    If limiting yourself to 7-8 hours a day is more important, then you'll probably want to add at least another 1/2 day to your plans.

  4. Default Thanks...I will extend it by a day.

    That was really helpful...Alrit,I think i will extend it by one more day.
    Now i plan to cover the distance in 5 days.Could you recommend me the places in between.1 thing i am really interested in ,is yellowstone national park, which i think is a little out of way.So i ll cover that in 1 day.I want help on the rest of the four days.Places which are not really out of the way,and lie on the way.
    So any tip will be helpful.Also if i could get any recommendations on the economical places where i could crash at night,would be appreciated.

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