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    My wife and I are looking for suggestion for about a 10 day trip from Vancouver to San Diego in September or October 2008. Looking for recommended sites to see, places to stay. --- Len

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It's always hard to give good recommendations without knowing what sort of things you are interested in seeing, especially when you are talking about an area as diverse as the entire West Coast. You might simply try looking around and searching the forum for some of the many threads, like this one, that cover this part of the country.

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    Thank you for your rapid response. The post you recommended had some very good recommendations. In terms of our interests, we are looking ofr a mellow, see the view kind of trip. Seems that Mt. St. Helens should be on the trip. also want to see Redwoods, scenic views of the coast, California wine country. Basically a snap shot type of trip that let a couple of Mid-Atlantic (Baltimore) folks see the sights and vistas of the western coast.

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    For a rough idea of a trip to match what you're interested in...\

    Vancouver to Victoria BC (via Ferry)

    Victoria to Port Angeles Washington (via Ferry) -- Vancouver to Port Angles can be done via road, or with a shorter single ferry ride, but this is the NW experience I think.

    Port Angeles to Hurrican Ridge, then Lake Crescent, Hoh Rain Forest, then cut back east across Washington to Mt. St Helens. . These are some of the highlights of Olympic National Park, and heads you back to Mt. St. Helens

    From Mt. St. Helens you have the option of continuing south through Portland, then east at abou Eugene to Crater lake, and then back to about Grants Pass. There are some very good wineries near Salem in the Williamette Valley.

    From Grants Pass you'll head back to the coast at Crescent City, which sets you up for going south through the Redwoods. (You have the option of stopping at Oregon Caves National Monument). From Crescent City its about 2 days of leisurely driving to San Franciisco, through the Redwoods. You come into the SF Bay area from the north, giving you the option of coming south through Sonoma Valley (with numerous wineries) and then over to Napa Valley with a large number of others.

    From SF you can continue south through Monterey and Carmel and down the Scenic Big Sur, to Hearst Castle and the Santa Barbara area. Typically Montery to the Santa Barbara area is at least a day's drive.

    You do have to make the decision to continue south, or head east at about San Luis Obispo or Santa Maria to Yosemite National Park, and then head south. It's about a half day's drive from SLO to Yosemite.
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