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  1. Default Colorado - San Diego - Vancouver (Nov)

    I'm stuck in Wyoming until my contract ends in October but then I'll head down to Grand Junction, drop everything I own in a storage unit and then I'll be on the road! I'm leaving Grand Junction and heading to San Diego which is the actual "starting point" of my road trip. My goal is to do the coastal highway all the way up through and into Vancouver and possibly Ketchikan (just to say I've been to Alaska). I'm generally a spontaneous person so making reservations and planning everything ahead isn't really an option. I've decided an outline would be a good idea though, just in case, so here's my first draft of longer/overnight stops:

    Grand Junction
    Las Vegas
    San Diego (with a couple hours in Tijuana)
    Los Angeles
    San Francisco
    Napa Valley
    Mendocino/Fort Bragg
    (Insert a southern coastal Oregon town here - any suggestions?)
    Cannon Beach/Seaside/Portlan
    San Juan Islands/Bellingham
    (Possible end of roadtrip - depends on money...)
    WIlliams Lake/Prince George
    Prince Rupert/Ketchikan

    Any suggestions? I'm planning it for early November. Should I be concerned about the weather? Will it be too rainy in Oregon to see anything? I love rain, but I don't want a slosh-blocked view of the Oregon coast.

    If anyone knows of any good hostels, tips, or has anything I might/may need to know about the route, PLEASE share!!!

    Thanx a ton - ciao!

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    Default Needed Information

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    It sounds like you should have a nice trip, but if you want help with a budget, you're going to have to let us know a bunch of key elements.

    To Start, you haven't told us how long you plan on being on the road, where you plan to sleep, how you are going to eat, or what sorts of things you plan to do for entertainment.

    Those are probably the biggest elements in building a budget, and without them any number figure would just be a random guess.

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