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    Does anyone know how much the total toll would be if I traveled from Toronto to New York Taking the interstate?

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    also how much quicker is it on interstate compaired to backroad straight through

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    You could, if you really wanted to, take the New York State Thruway all the way from Niagara/Buffalo to New York City. That would involve a drive of 540 miles (from Toronto) and cost you $15.90 in tolls. Or you could take a 'middle' route, getting off the Thruway in Syracuse and taking I-81/I-380/I-80 to New York. That way is only 492 miles and $5.35 in tolls. Finally you could Shunpike, avoiding the Thruway for all but the link between Niagara and Buffalo. For that, you'd take I-290 all the way around Buffalo and head west (south in reality) on I-90. Then NY-400 would connect you to US-20A which takes you to I-390 at Geneseo. Take I-390 to I-86/NY-17 and pick up I-81 at Binghamton and continue into NYC as on the 'middle' route. That route is the shortest at 483 miles and the cheapest with only the $0.75 toll in the Buffalo area, but would probably take a little longer because parts of it are on non-freeway type roads. Oh, and don't forget to add in the costs of the toll bridge to get across the Niagara River.


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    price of tolls don't bother me more the quickest way to get there

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    In theory, I'd say the I-81 route would be the fastest. Its all interstate and its the shortest.

    However, your exact location within New York and traffic could potentially make the Thruway a little faster. I haven't run into really bad traffic with either option, but I don't know the traffic paterns well enough to say which option might be better at which time.

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